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We are a tight-knit international team of consultants with a diverse range of expert skills which we use, very effectively, whenever the need arises. This, combined with our superb business & government sector contacts in the Republic of Turkey make us a valuable asset for those wishing to, for example, operate, form joint ventures or invest there. With a deep understanding of Turkish culture & business we can forewarn & prevent many pitfalls before they occur. Based both in the United Kingdom, elsewhere in Europe, and Turkey we offer a wide range of flexible, tailor made services, designed to suit each clients exact requirements. Team members are also highly experienced translators and can quietly relay vital details correctly whilst negotiations take place. Clear decisions, by our clients, can then be made based upon hard facts backed up by our crystal clear due diligence If you are an individual, company or major corporation we can help. Enquiries answered within 2 days

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