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Save 50-60% off Staffing Fees with Admin Direct



We offer temporary administrative support when your employees are out sick, on military or medical leave, on vacation, or your organization just had a major reduction in force.

By contracting direct, your company saves benefit costs and staffing fees which are typically an additional 50-60% of the base paid to the employee. Also, if you decide to retain the admin, there is no roll over cost to you. You hire them direct.

Think of it as an on the job interview. You get to see first hand how they fit in your organization and what skills they actually have and that worker gets to earn a living. You are helping the organization and the economy!


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Los Angeles County
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Leslie Pogue
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Administration, Banking, Employee; people; HR, Entertainment; arts, Motivation; team building, Non profits, Public speaking, Recruitment, Retail, Training & learning
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Countrywide Financial, Washington Mutual (now Chase), Lucent Technologies
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