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Hello, I own and run an online store that sells plump Water to anybody in Australia. I'm located in Melbourne. Dr Willard's alkaline water has been used by people for almost 5 years, helping them with balancing PH levels in drinking water with premium alkaline drinking water. Health benefits of alkaline drinking water include helping with weight loss, balancing ph levels, detox cleansing and assisting with bowel motions. It can be bought as a focus or in bottled form for convenience. According to the World Health Organization,"Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a condition of best well-being." We all once thought that the body keeps a constant state of health without any aid and that it simply takes attention when one has"sick" We now know, though, that the idea of good health goes far beyond the healing of illness into one of achieving wellness. Our behaviour and the choices we make affect our wellbeing. Lif

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