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We work with our client's people to create superior enterprises.
We are not focused on a particular industry or company size but specialize in working in partnership with clients to build up their resistance to current flavor of the month strategies and politically correct management behavior.

We install in our client's management the awareness that the solution to current problems requires new thinking, new competencies.

Our clients select us for our ability to highlight issues that cannot readily be seen using current methodologies, best practices or world class benchmarks, as well as for our ability to enable them to address these.

Operationally we become trusted advisors, supporting projects in Corporate Transformation, Corporate Performance Management, Management Effectiveness, Competency Management, Compensation Strategy, and Strategy Dynamics, and assist to gain legendary results.

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11-19 Wine Street
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John Heptonstall
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01173 700 829
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Aerospace; aviation, Automotive, Banking, Chemicals, Coaching, Defense; military, Education, Employee; people; HR, Energy; utility, Engineering, Finance, Industrial, Information Technology, Insurance, Leadership, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Motivation; team building, Pharmaceuticals, Project management
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