Ouimet Consulting Group

OCG is a personally oriented consulting group that designs individualized action plans to address your specific needs.



People come to OCG for many reasons: sometimes things aren’t working, sometimes the owner wants an outside perspective, and sometimes the owner is ready to move on. Whatever your reason for coming to us, we can help. A persons business can quite literally be their life, and we recognize the responsibility and trust it takes to place that in someone elses hands. We correct this by aiming not to take your company from you, but to simply take the weight of the problems off your shoulders, and handle that conflict for you. As an external business consulting group we lend our team of industry experts to your business. We delve into every aspect of your company, starting at the top line to work towards a better bottom line. We analyze your operational model and work hand in hand with your team of people to provide your business with an action plan and a framework for increased profits.

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132 Riverside Ave.
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Bristol, CT
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Michael Ouimet
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Brands, Business intelligence, Franchising, Management Consulting
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All US
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Ambest, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Great American, Jersey Mikes, Baskin Robbins, and more
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