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Multicore Software Services for Network Protocols, Security Stacks, Storage, Video.
Specially for Multicore Mips64 CPUs (OCTEON, OCTEON-II, XLR, XLS, XLP), Tilera, FreeScale QoriQ.
Performance improvement for legacy protocol stacks. Multigigabit throughputs with high session/flow scalability.
Kernel, Bootloaders, Compilers, Board-bringup, Device Drivers.
IPSec, Deep Packet Inspection, IPS/IDS, Anti-Virus, SSL-VPN, Regular Expression Accelerated Toolkit, Traffic Shaping, Peer-2-Peer Filtering, NAT, NAT64, Next-Generation Firewall, High Speed Content Inspection and Content Processing, OpenFlow, Voice, RTP, RTCP, SBC, Wireless, LTE etc.
FreeBSD, CentOS, Debian Ports various Multicore CPUs for a variety of Board products.

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