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Cutting Edge Virtual Assistant Services are Custom Designed

to realize the distinctive needs of Entrepreneurs, Solo operation

tech businesses and Professionals looking for cost effective

secretarial and administration support se secretarial and administration support services. For Businesses

in the current Economic environment, costs require to be kept to

the minimum, with Cutting Edge Virtual Assistant Services you

can now have your own dedicated or shared Virtual Assistant

to not only save costs but also have the flexibility of scaling

according to your business Needs. Cutting Edge Services

are not just about saving costs, it’s rather about adding

Value to your small business.

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58-60 Scottswood Road
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Newcastle upon Tyne
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Yahya Jahanzeb
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44 0191 432 8540
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Services :
Call centers, Graphic design, Management Consulting, Market research, Project management, Recruitment, Sales, Tourism
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All US
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