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A multi-disciplined practitioner and court qualified forensic expert in all of his fields. Mr. Jerry Zerg is president of UDA, a full service architectural, construction, landscape and interior design firm serving clients nationwide and worldwidfe for over 40 years. His forensic services have been approx. 50% Plalintiff and 50% Defendant. Mr. Zerg has testified in Federal and State courts and in over 250 depositions, 75 trials and 25 mediations and arbitrations. He has the experience and ability to describe technical issues with credibility, clarity and brevity. As a community and civic leader, he has the skill to convince others of the validity of his opinions as well as the significance of his findings. As a multi-disciplined expert, he brings an authorial perspective to technical issues that are often beyond the scope of specialized practitioners. If you want to establish or defend difficult and complex matters, he will significantly assist you in achieving successful results

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