Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process to register and display my profile/firm on the site?
Fill out the registration/listing online form and ‘Submit’. We immediately send a verification email to the contact email you gave. Simply click on the email verification link and your listing/profile will be live on the site! Keep our email as it has an automatically generated password to use but only if you wish to amend your profile.

How  do I update or change my profile?
Go to Consultants Resources/Manage Profile and log in using your email that you registered with and the password we sent you. You can then make any necessary changes to your profile. Any problems just email us what needs changing and we'll do it.

There isn’t a services category that covers my expertise?
Tell us via the Contact form what new category you’d like and if appropriate we'll add it within a few days. Go ahead and list your profile anyway and update it later with the new category.

Why is there no login process to register?
We already have too many passwords, we want Consultancy Register to be simple and fast for users. We will list your profile on the site as soon as you submit the form and verify your email. 

How is the site free?
The Consultancy Register is born out of the frustrations of a consultant and senior manager, who couldn’t find anywhere to advertise their consultancy services or search for consultants by sector. We want it to provide a simple, professional directory service that brings together people wanting to find consultancy support, with those professional consultants able to provide the services.

We cover many regions, can we show this?
Yes, you can select all the regions or individual countries you cover when registering, across US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.

What picture should I upload?
We suggest a good quality jpg or gif file of your firm’s logo preferably reduced file size. Alternatively a screenshot of your website homepage (press ‘PrtScr’ button, paste onto a powerpoint, right-click the picture and save as a jpg picture file). Uploading a picture is optional.

How are the Showcased firms selected?
Randomly from all those registered, every time the page is loaded.

Is my contact information protected from spam crawlers?
We have put in place excellent measures to prevent crawlers lifting your contact details from our database. The site is ultimately an online directory so of course contact information can be viewed from search results.

Can we advertise or increase the profile of our firm on the site?
For now we wish to ‘show’ everyone freely and equally, but will look at premium listings and enhanced profiles in the future.